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Kessler Francis. Les clauses autres que l'obligation de paix sociale contenues dans la partie obligatoire de la convention collective de travail allemande R.

La convention collective de travail ouest-allemande est surtout connue par la clause de paix sociale qu'elle renferme obligatoirement. The german collective agreement is well known by its social peace provision. The agreement parties can also adopt some other commitments. The most important obligation is the application of the collective bargain which is divided in the obligation for the signing parties to applicate the contract and the obligation to make it respected by their own members.

Arbitation clause or conciliation clause often appears in german collective agreements. Clauses about corporations activities are rather rare and often quarreled.

This is not astonishing in a country where industrial conflicts have to be settled outside the plant. L'obligation la. Pour A. Les parties qui concluent la convention collective doivent la respecter. Pour W. Wiedemann, H. L'obligation d'influence Einwirkungspflicht. Wiedmann et H. Ces deux types de clauses figurent quelque fois, non pas dans la partie obligatoire d'une convention collective mais dans des accords particuliers. Wiedemann et H.

Les clauses de mises en place et de fonctionnement de l'organe d'arbitrage constituent des clauses de la partie obligatoire de la convention collective. Il faut noter qu'il n'existe pas en Allemagne de l'Ouest de dispositions conventionnelles de closed shop, ni d'union shop Ainsi, R.

Par ailleurs, comme le soulignent, fort justement W. Ainsi, F. Weiss 98 rejette cet argument. Comme le souligne U. Pour M. Enfin M. Beck Verlag, , p. Bund Verlag, Ein Kommentar, C. Beck Verlag, ; A. HEGE, op. II, p. Mai in der Fassung vom 1. ADAM, J. Ill spec. HEGE, Tarifvertragsrecht, op. Lehrbuch des Arbeitsrechts, op. Hlb, p. Vahlen, , p.

La loi du 13 novembre art. HEGE, Tarifvertragsgesetz, op. Nipperdey zum Geburtstag, op. LUTZ, Th. Il faut souligner que H. Handbuch des Arbeitsrechts.

Recht der Koalitionen, p. RISSE, op. SINAY dir. MAYER, op. BULLA, op. WEISS, op. Plan I. L'obligation d'influence Einwirkungspflicht [link] II. L'obligation la 2 F. Notes 1. II, 1. TG Metall. KRAFT, op.


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The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. In December , new collective agreements on pay increases, variable pay and other issues were concluded for Germany's private and public banks. For the first time, however, cooperative bank employers refused to sign joint agreements with the other parts of the industry. The agreements were reached after more than half a year of negotiations, which were accompanied by strikes involving about 70, banking employees DEF. The new collective agreements in banking cover a wide range of issues, including new provisions on pay increases and variable pay, and an extension of existing provision on partial retirement, work on Saturdays and safeguarding employment DEN. The parties also agreed to establish a joint working group on further training in banking. The new pay agreement runs retrospectively for 25 months from 1 May to 31 May and provides for:.


New collective agreements signed in banking






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