The present generation of the Boudrot family is only the most recent to bear a name that originated in that ancient area known as Languedoc. Their name comes from having lived in Languedoc , where the family was found since the early Middle Ages. The surname Boudrot was first found in Languedoc , where the family was anciently established. The members of the family also settled in other regions of France, where several of them distinguished themselves. He was ordained in and became a scholar.

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Michel Boudrot, b. Within a year or two he was married to Michelle Aucoin, b. She and her orphaned siblings had arrived in Port-Royal c. The Boudreau family apparently thrived despite the political turmoil that periodically engulfed the tiny community.

In , the settlement was captured by a combined force of New Englanders and English Roundheads under Robert Sedgewick. It would remain under British control until During this period, the French inhabitants the Boudreaus among them were allowed to retain their property and were guaranteed religious freedom.

The return of the area to French jurisdiction marked a period of expansion for the growing settlement. Michel Boudrot and his wife remained at Port-Royal, where in , at 85 years of age and deaf, he was listed as the lieutenant general of justice magistrate. He was recommended for replacement shortly afterwards, and he died at Port-Royal between 20 Aug. She died 17 Dec. Early Acadie was notable for its rapid population growth, facilitated largely by a very low infant mortality rate, and the Boudrots were typical of Acadian families of the time.

The household of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin included eleven children who grew to adulthood and married.

Their children:. Jeanne Boudreau, b. Port-Royal , d. Port-Royal 8 May , m. Port-Royal Bonaventure Theriault, b. Charles Boudreau, b. Pisiquid now Windsor after , m. Port-Royal Sept. Marguerite Boudreau, b. Port-Royal , m. France , d. Annapolis Royal 5 Sept. Marie Boudreau, b. Jean Boudreau, b. Port-Royal Marguerite Bourgeois, b. Beaubassin 8 Aug. Abraham Boudreau, b. Ile St. Jean now Prince Edward Island Apr. Michel Boudreau, b. Port-Royal Marie-Madeleine Cormier, b.

Olivier Boudreau, b. Port-Royal Isabelle Petitpas, b. Claude Boudreau, b. Francois Boudreau, b. Annapolis Royal 27 Sept. Port-Royal Madeleine Belliveau, b. Click here to download our latest newsletter. Summer Season approx. June 1 — Sept. The Annapolis Heritage Society St. George Street P. All Rights Reserved. George St. Their children: 1. Newsletter Click here to download our latest newsletter. Our Location. Site Map Board Members.


The Acadian Boudreau Family



Genealogy Jean-Baptiste Boudreau


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