Key to Tables. Shift and rotate are only available as part of Operand2. See Table PSR fields. Can be Rs or an immediate shift value.

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Key to Tables. Shift and rotate are only available as part of Operand2. See Table PSR fields. Can be Rs or an immediate shift value. The values allowed for each shift type are the same as those shown in Table Register, optionally shifted by constant. B meaning half-register [], or T meaning []. ARM: a bit constant, formed by right-rotating an 8-bit value by an even number of bits.

IB and DA are not available in Thumb state. If omitted, defaults to IA. See Table ARM architecture versions. Interrupt flags. One or more of a , i , f abort, interrupt, fast interrupt. See Table Processor Modes. Width of bitfield. RsX is Rs rotated 16 bits if X present. Otherwise, RsX is Rs. Updates base register after data transfer if! Updates condition flags if S present. User mode privilege if T present. Rounds result to nearest if R present, otherwise truncates result.

S updates. Form PC-relative address. Halfword-wise addition. Halfword-wise subtraction. Byte-wise addition. Byte-wise subtraction. Halfword-wise exchange, add, subtract Halfword-wise exchange, subtract, add Unsigned sum of absolute differences.

Signed saturate word, right shift Signed saturate word, left shift Signed saturate two halfwords. Unsigned saturate word, right shift Unsigned saturate word, left shift Unsigned saturate two halfwords. Multiply and accumulate and subtract unsigned long unsigned accumulate long. If Rs is Rd, S can be used in Thumb Dual signed multiply, add and accumulate and accumulate long Dual signed multiply, subtract and accumulate and accumulate long Signed top word multiply and accumulate and subtract with internal bit accumulate packed halfword halfword.

Signed or Unsigned. Move not top wide bit accumulator to register register to bit accumulator. See also Shift instructions. Arithmetic shift right Logical shift left Logical shift right Rotate right Rotate right with extend.

Count leading zeros. CLZ Rd, Rm. Test equivalence. Bit Clear. Bit field. Halfword to word Two bytes to halfwords. Byte to word. Halfword to word, add Two bytes to halfwords, add. Byte to word, add. Bits in word Bytes in word Bytes in both halfwords Bytes in low halfword, sign extend. REV Rd, Rm. REV16 Rd, Rm. Select bytes. Makes up to four following instructions conditional, ac cording to pattern.

Each letter can be T Then or E Else. The first instruction after IT has condition cond. The following instructions have condition cond if the corresponding letter is T, or the inverse of cond if the corresponding letter is E. See Table Condition Field for available condition codes. Branch with link and exchange with link and exchange 1.

BX Rm. Branch range Rn can be PC. Move to or from PSR. Change processor state. Disable specified interrupts, optional change mode. Enable specified interrupts, optional change mode. Change processor mode Set endianness.

Sets endianness for loads and stores. Single data item loads and stores. Immediate offset. Post-indexed, immediate. Register offset. Post-indexed, register. Load or store doubleword. Preload data or instruction. Preload [address, 32] data Preload [address, 32] data Preload [label, 32] data.

Preload [address, 32] instruction Preload [address, 32] instruction Preload [label, 32] instruction. Preload to Write [address, 32] data Preload to Write [address, 32] data. Other memory operations. Load multiple. Exception modes only. Load list of User mode registers from [Rn]. Privileged modes only. Semaphore operation.

Outstanding tag set if not shared address. Rd, Rn not PC. Halfword or Byte. Rd1, Rd2, Rn not PC. Store multiple. Push, or Block data store User mode registers. Store list of registers to [Rn] Store list of User mode register s to [Rn]. Semaphore operation Halfword or Byte. Rd, Rm, Rn not PC. Clear exclusive. Clear local processor exclusive tag. Notes: availability and range of options for Load, Store, and Preload operations. Not available. Coprocessor operations. Data operations.

Coprocessor defined. Move to ARM register from coprocessor. Two ARM register move. Alternative two ARM register move.


Arm 7 Lpc2148

Professor in Engineering email: rtheagarajan yahoo. D0 is shifted into C flag. D1 is shifted into D0 bit position. Similarly other bits occupies the previous bit position. Zero occupies the D31 bit position as MSB.


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