I think its the same,right?? Basically follow all on screen instructions. It should instruct you to remove the ekey at that point and will reboot. You will need to set all your options and denom s. This will work if you emulating the GameKing platform.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Please help me! If so, could you please send it to my e-mail address at sunjaycap sbcglobal. James, could you send me a copy also? Here's the how to guide. Thanks very much. Can you post the series? This one is a great intro. Here's a Quick reference guide. The others I have are too large to post here bigger than KB. Did you check in your junk mail? It may have gone there. I'll try the ftp later. I did and no luck. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance.

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A com plete collection of CNs is available. Italicized text on this page indicates trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT or its licensors in the US. A com plete collection of VPNs is. Italicized text on this page indicates trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT or its licensors in. Is There Hope? Reducing the size of the low-paper sensor window corrects this issue.

CEI 62-39 PDF

IGT Trimline Motherboard I960 (759-093-11).pdf




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