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Not a member? You should Sign Up. Already have an account? Log In. To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you. We found and based on your interests. Choose more interests. Over to the left in the links section you can find links to various pages on the HP Computer Museum to download the HP utility software for downloading applications to the X Protocol Analyzers, various software that came with the PODs, and general information that is useful for replicating my success.

This software works fine in DOSBox if you set your serial port up using directserial in the dosbox config file. While the supports baud for the remote connection, the DOS software only appears to support upto baud. If you have a different firmware revision, many of the examples will surely crash as I've not implemented anything to generate the extern table for the runtime linker yet.

Yep, HP had the foresight to implement dynamic linking on the so you could run apps compiled for a different firmware build. The basic sources included don't currently compile as they are based around a different keyboard routine I've not posted yet, but that should change in the next couple days. Without a full understanding of the MMU and which banks are usable there was only just enough room to have shifted and unshifted keymaps working with the terribly hacked together keyboard routines.

There is a somewhat working Tetris port, the input routines, game logic, and text output is working, but I've got some work to do on the "graphics" glue. There are some useful characters in the font which allow turning the 32x16 text display into a 64x32 graphics display which will come in handy for rendering the playfield.

This did the trick! Work began shortly after acquiring the HP A on November 10, There we can get some disk images unfortunately in TD0 format with most of the software and examples HP released. The service manual with schematics isn't available from anywhere I've found - however the C service manual is available.

With this in hand, some examination of the boards, and dumping of the ROMs we can confirm that there are significant similarities between the models. At this point I have deciphered the menu data formats, the runtime linker used in HP's applications, and how to do some basic text output. View all 7 project logs. Create an account to leave a comment. I have old DOS utility software as 5xdir. If I remenber right there was some software which read eve-file and could either print the data or store it into a text-file.

Are you sure? If anyone in France is interested, or outside, there is one for sale for 40 euros plus postage on leboncoin dot fr sales site, titled as "HPA Protocol Analyser Computer" I don't know the seller, so can't garantee its working condition. After reading this I impulse bought a 52 as a cute retro terminal for a number of SBC projects I have. But when it arrived no floppies and no POD. I checked the 79 schematics but rather complicated Pods are shared across the x line, though the will prefer it's internal interfaces to external pods.

I want to build a simple joystick interface for Atari style controllers that directly connects to the pod interface insanity, I know. We started working on the same project a few weeks apart! Bernhard "HotKey" Slawik. David Boucher. Hayden Kroepfl. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates. About Us Contact Hackaday. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality, and advertising cookies.

Learn More. Yes, delete it Cancel. You are about to report the project " Hacking the ", please tell us the reason. Hack a Day Menu Projects. Following Follow project. Liked Like project. Become a Hackaday. Remember me. Sign up. Forgot your password? Just one more thing To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you.

Pick an awesome username. Your profile's URL: hackaday. Max 25 alphanumeric characters. OK, I'm done! Join this project. Similar projects worth following. View Gallery. Description When someone gives you a piece of 's test equipment, what better thing to do than to hack it? The HP A was preceded by the A which used tape storage and C which brought the adoption of floppy storage and eventually replaced with models such as the A which had a higher text resolution and more embedded applications in ROM.

We won't touch them much, but instead rely upon the factory firmware to do it's job where peripherals are concerned. Merry Christmas friends! Interesting things to explore in the near future: Figure out how to get the 80C88 in charge of the disk drive to do useful things Like maybe loading and saving data files for us? Asteroids and other games ported from Texas Instruments calculators Video hacking!

Can we lock onto the video refresh and race the beam for doubling or quadrupling the vertical resolution? Can anybody helpm me. TD0 formats found on the HP Museum? I would like to build an RS pod for mine. We should pool our resources! Similar Projects. Turning a toy into a hardware tinkering platform. A pocket sized recreation of a room filling computer from My attempt at building a small computer based around a full Motorola processor.

Does this project spark your interest? Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. Ok, I agree.


Hacking the 4952



HP Computer Museum



HP (Hewlett-Packard) Hewlett-Packard Tablet Accessory HP 4957A user manual


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