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Log in or Sign up. Hafler XL Just got one of these off the 'bay. Price was right, and in both mechanically and cosmetically good condition, still has the protective wrapper on the faceplate. Went thru the normal checks before hooking it up to my speakers. Well, that's not good. I've also reset the bias, it made the offset slightly worse. The amp has no adjustments for offset, so I went poking around the web, in AK, and on the 'bay again. Truth is, there isn't a whole lot of info on this amp.

It probably isn't the best choice for high fidelity, it's more of a PA amp with RCA inputs and some exotic "Excelinear" circuitry, best left for a pro to fiddle with.

But it's a monster, I've always wanted to own something like this, and this opportunity came along. Bad news is it sounds kinda rough around the edges, and I know it could be better once I get the offset somewhere more reasonable. This is where my quandary lies. Here's the real bad news, the PC-1 boards while fitting numerous Hafler amps were never designed for the XL, but can be "shoehorned" in. Either way is risky, what is the better choice? I'll throw some pics up next time I have the cover off.

Last edited: Nov 11, Son-of-Vere , Nov 10, Messages: 58, Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa. Well, that was helpful Son-of-Vere , Nov 11, Messages: Dropthatbass , Nov 11, Dug this up.. Binkman , Nov 11, EvanF likes this. Hmmm, that's interesting. This doesn't seem to follow Echowars theory on offset. Is it the high output of the amp that allows such high offset? Did they figure no one would care?

Considering the fact that someone went out of their way to create new driver boards to address this issue, somebody didn't think it was right. Obviously we'd like the offset to be 0 but I've seen specs on plenty of amps saying it's ok at mV and a few even higher. I doubt the offset is what's making the amp sound the way you describe.

With that low an offset I doubt you'll hear any difference at all between what you've got and 0. Something else is going on or you just don't like the sound of the amp.

Binkman likes this. I don't think the cover has ever been off this amp before. It looks all original and untouched inside, Judging by the amount of dirt accrued on the fan, it has not seen a lot of hours. While it could probably have a recap done to it, I'm just going to use it for a while. It's not going to blow anything up. This is why I came here, if I'm chasin' the dragon for no good reason, I want someone to say so.

While I didn't feel the first effects of it until after I tried the amp, it may have affected my hearing. My right ear popped yesterday and the sound field shifted to the right. Being I was hearing the most harshness on the right channel, the one one with the most offset, I figured that was the problem, it may have been that my ear was just plugged up. Messages: Location: New York. Elliot Thompson , Nov 11, Messages: 11, Location: Gilbert, AZ.

Binkman , Nov 12, Pio likes this. Messages: 2, Location: SoCal. The rest of the test measurements aren't very critical either. Got a few pics of it open while I monitor it. Last edited: Nov 20, Son-of-Vere , Nov 20, Messages: 38, Location: Central Missouri.

Messages: Location: Olean, NY. That layout design is pretty radical! Thanks for the pics. Binkman , Nov 21, Got the main power section out for a fan replacement and recap of the P 40 boards. Last edited: Nov 26, Son-of-Vere , Nov 26, Roadrash likes this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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Hafler XL-600.....The Eviction Notice Amp

Log in or Sign up. Hafler XL Just got one of these off the 'bay. Price was right, and in both mechanically and cosmetically good condition, still has the protective wrapper on the faceplate. Went thru the normal checks before hooking it up to my speakers. Well, that's not good.


Hafler XL600 Excelinear Power Amplifier - Serviced Working - Amazing -See Demo👍

The XL is the most powerful amplifier to bear the Hafler name. This formidable unit, which is rated to deliver watts per channel into 8 ohms from 20 to 20, Hz with no more than 0. Its rated output at the clipping point is watts per channel into 8 ohms, watts into 4 ohms, watts into 2 ohms, and watts into 1 ohm! It also has a bridged mono mode in which it can deliver 1, watts into 8 ohms or 1, watts into 4 ohms at the clipping point. The XL was designed to use some 30 dB less overall negative feedback than previous Hafler amplifiers, which contributes to its low transient intermodulation distortion tim and high stability. In accord with Hafler's "Excelinear" concept, phase shift in each channel has been kept to a minimum.


Nice Hafler XL 600 Excelinear 305 w/ch power amp



Hafler XL-600 Power Amplifier Review


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