Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Aloe vera has antioxidant, antiinflammatory, healing, antiseptic, anticancer and antidiabetic effects. The aim of the present study was to design and evaluate the formulation of Aloe vera chewing gum with an appropriate taste and quality with the indications for healing oral wounds, such as lichen planus, mouth sores caused by cancer chemotherapy and mouth abscesses as well as reducing mouth dryness caused by chemotherapy.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. Background: Various ginger compounds improve gastrointestinal problems and motion sickness. The main effects of ginger allocate to some phenolics such as gingerols and shogaols that act as their active agents. Chewing gums are among convenient dosage forms which patients prefer due to their advantages. Hence, this study tried to design, formulate, and evaluate ginger chewing gum of favorable taste and texture to avoid motion sickness and have gastro-protective and anti-oxidant effect.

Materials and Methods: Dried ginger rhizomes were percolated to extract ginger compounds. Chewing gums containing 50 mg of concentrated extract were prepared. Content uniformity, weight variation, release pattern, organoleptic, and mechanical properties were evaluated. Results: Phenolic content was measured Evaluation of organoleptic properties was on 10 healthy volunteers and later prepared formulations exhibited better characteristics.

Formulations without any flavorants have higher acceptability. Evaluation of mechanical properties showed higher stiffness of F Conclusion: Ginger chewing gum comprises admissible properties to be used as a modern drug delivery system due to its advantageous results in motion sickness. It passed all the specified tests for an acceptable chewing gum.

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Design, formulation and evaluation of Aloe vera chewing gum.

An attempt was made to formulate medicated chewing gum to prevent motion sickness using natural gum base for faster onset of action and easy administration, anywhere and anytime, without access to water. To avoid the discard issue of gum cud, natural gum base of Triticum aestivum wheat grain was explored because of its biodegradable and biocompatible nature and easy availability. Prolamin, extracted from wheat, showed good chewing capacity, elasticity, high water retention capacity, antifungal activity, and compatibility with the drug. Formulations were prepared based on a two-factor and three-level factorial design. Amount of calcium carbonate texturizer and gum base were selected as independent variables. Elasticity and drug release were considered as the dependent variables. All batches were evaluated for the content uniformity, elasticity study, texture study, in vitro drug release study, and chewiness study.


Formulation, Manufacture and Evaluation of Medicated Chewing Gum

Medicated chewing gums MCGs are solid or semi-solid, single-dose preparations with a base consisting mainly of tasteless masticatory gums that are intended to be chewed but not swallowed. It is a drug delivery system that contains one or more active ingredients which are released by chewing. After dissolution or dispersion of the active ingredient s in saliva, drugs released from the gum within the oral cavity can act locally, be absorbed via the buccal mucosa, or from the gastrointestinal tract when swallowed with the saliva. The use of chewing gum as delivery systems have been promoted for certain peculiar needs.


Formulation of Eco-friendly Medicated Chewing Gum to Prevent Motion Sickness




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