The Workbook consolidates the language of the Intelligent Business Coursebook by providing further practice of key vocabulary, grammar and skills. Throughout the workbook there are Cambridge BEC style tasks to familiarise students with the exam. Intelligent Business Elementary Coursebook. When your students have knowledge of the business world, they need the Intelligent Business Skills Book. It provides full teaching notes and photocopiable resources.

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Kis angol nyeltvan. Present Perfect Continuous Tense. Present Perfect Tense. Present Continuous Tense. To be to szerkezet. Present Simple Tense.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense. Past Perfect Tense. Az oka valaminek reason for, reason why. Past Continuous Tense. Past Simple Tense. Future Perfect Continuous Tense. Future Perfect Tense. Future Continuous Tense. Az, aki…. Future Simple Tense. Tell, illetve say. Reported Question. Thank you. Ma reggel, ma este stb.

Some, any, no. Like; illetve as…as. Both, either, neither. Valaha used to, would. Jobb lenne, ha had better. Azon van, hogy to be about to. Mit gondolsz, ki vagy? Meddig tart? Ideje, hogy… It is time. Kedvem van… I feel like. Jobb szeret prefer. Is, is. Gonna, wanna stb. Az egyetlen the only. Used to. I am drinking beer for half an hour. I have been drinking beer for half an hour. I have been playing the violin for five years. Have you been playing the violin for five years?

How long…? How long have you been waiting for a higher standard of living? How long has he been trying to get it back?

Since when have they been planning to get married? I have been married for 6 years. Nem lehet azt mondani, hogy I have been being married. I have been in love with you since we first met. She has been happy for 5 minutes.

She has been a teacher since He has been a soldier for 27 years. I am married for 2 years. How long are you staying in Budapest? How long have you been staying in Budapest? He has been sleeping since noon. The phone has been ringing for five minutes. He has been snoring since his tonsils were removed. How long have you been teaching? He has been smoking since last year. He has been travelling in a car since he became a minister.

I have seen this film. Have you seen this film? I have opened the window. Ablakot nyitottam. He has given her a kiss. Have you slept on a horse blanket yet? I have lived here for two years. I have learnt it now. I have already learnt it.

She has just left home. We have been very happy until recently. Have you apologized to him yet? Have you gone to sleep yet? She is smiling at me.

Is she smiling at me? He is watching TV now. Is she sitting or standing? I am reading this fantastic explanation now. He usually gets up at 7, but th is week he is getting up at 8. He is always listening to that stupid disco record! You are always telling me lies! Now I know. Oh, now I remember. I can see the girl, and I can hear her voice, too. I am going to the theatre tomorrow night. What are you doing? Where are you going? Are you kidding? The yellow leaves are falling. He is always slamming the door.

I am crying. I am writing. Kate is coming round tomorrow. The sky is closing its blue eyes. The coat is sleeping on the c hair. Majd holnap kimegyek a piacra. Ez kezd bedilizni. I love you. Do you love me? We often go to the cinema. Animals never kill each other for money.







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