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By Dion Fortune. Dion Fortune's basic esoteric textbook on the psychology of love and relationships gives a simple explanation of the universal factors governing interaction between masculine and feminine, from the "lowest" to the "highest" level of the Seven Planes.

An important work for Dion Fortune collectors. This book upon the esoteric teaching concerning sex is addressed primarily to those who have no occult knowledge of the subject, but are seeking with open minds for information that may help them to solve the problems of life. To these it may be said, by way of explanation of the present treatise, that every race has a traditional secret wisdom which is never made public, but handed on by word of mouth and manuscript to those who are considered worthy to receive it.

This tradition stretches back in an unbroken line to the remotest antiquity, the streams of different racial traditions converging as they approach their source. The first section of the book is devoted to a brief outline of the esoteric doctrines in general, in order that the more detailed account of their teachings concerning sex may be comprehensible.

The reader is recommended to grasp the leading ideas here put forth, and then to try to express his own experiences and observations concerning life in the terminology herein employed and see how far they are thereby rendered illuminating. Let him reflect that, if these ideas are true, certain results will ensue from contemporary occurrences.

He should then watch for events in fulfilment of his anticipations or the reverse. In this way he will learn as much about the practical application of the esoteric teachings as is possible for one who is not an initiate of any of the fraternities that hold the secrets of occult science. To those who already have a knowledge of esoteric matters some explanation is also needed, for the best known books upon the subject have repeatedly stressed the danger of any form of sex magic and pronounced it in all its forms to be uncompromisingly black of the left-hand path.

This, as anyone who has had practical experience of the matter cannot fail to be aware, is absolutely true concerning certain aspects and applications of this great force upon its passional side; these aspects are touched upon in the latter part of the book in order that the unwary may be warned to avoid them. The Western occultist, however, diverges from the Eastern tradition as popularly expounded in this country when he asserts that the sex-forces, in their higher aspects, are powerful regenerative agents; these aspects are entirely divorced from physical function and are of the mind and spirit.

But woe to the Alchemist who should take this in the dead-letter sense of Physical union. Such sacrilege would become Black Magic and be followed by certain failure. The true Alchemist of old took Aged women to help him, carefully avoiding the young ones; and if any of them happened to be married they treated their wives for months both before and after their operations as sisters.

Though the doctrines of the Eastern and Western schools of esoteric science are practically identical, their methods in training initiates are fundamentally different, working, as they do, upon different Rays and under different Masters. No disparagement is contained in this statement; all Rays in the occult sense of the term proceed from the Divine Sun.

The Eastern tradition has a magnificent literature and has grown and spread into a great tree, overshadowing the life of the races that dwell under it, and honoured by all, even those who understand it least. The Eastern and Western schools differ greatly in their attitude towards those forces and facts of life which we sum up under the name of sex.

To the Eastern, woman is an inferior, less highly developed in every way; many Westerns regard her, on the contrary, as superior to man, the inspirer, the guardian of the ideal. These different attitudes find their reflection in the esoteric methods of each tradition.

The Eastern occultist seldom finds in purdah-dwelling women developments of intellect and spirit compatible with comradeship in his lofty and exacting work, and in such work, if sex cannot be used in its higher aspects, it must be eschewed altogether; therefore the Eastern tradition makes no provision for the esoteric contribution of the female sex to race-life.

In the Western tradition, on the other hand, woman plays an important part, just as she does in its social and political life. Whatever conditions may prevail among races that segregate their women, no one can afford to ignore the sex-element in the higher life of the Anglo-Saxon races. Many Eastern initiators have failed in their dealings with Western pupils through inability to appreciate the great importance of this element in the latter's lives.

There may be sincere and lofty purpose and true wisdom to impart, but there is not always an understanding of the Western constitution. When the higher centres are awakened, they are apt to function according to the type of activity which the Western Ray has built up in the Western vehicle, and confusion ensues if the Ray and the vehicle are not both understood.

Not a great deal of information can be given in a book of this nature, but enough, no doubt, to serve as clues to those who are experienced. The nervous strain so common among those who study occultism is largely due to the failure to secure a proper distribution of the life-forces among the vehicles. A Statistician affirmed some time ago that in England 25 percent.

Thus only one-quarter of the marriages taking place in England fulfil the purposes for which they are entered upon, and a person marrying has but one chance in four of happiness. No one who observes the home conditions among his friends and neighbours will regard these figures as unduly pessimistic. It may, indeed, be questioned if the amount of enduring love to be found in married life should be estimated as high as 25 percent.

In the United States, the country of easy divorce, it was stated chat the percentage of happy marriages is as high as 50 percent.

Therefore it appears that a condition of misery or boredom is not implicit in the married state, but is due mainly to the selection of unsuitable mates; two people who made each ocher miserable may yet succeed instructed by experience in mating happily with ocher companions if their unfortunate union can be dissolved. There are several admirable books now available which explain the physiology of sex-life to the non-scientific reader, and these have been of great value in lessening the mass of human misery that arises from ignorance; but they do not solve the whole problem, they do not cell us why two well-informed, healthy, human beings may yet feel chat they have failed to realise the higher aspects of love, and so missed the best that life has to give; nor why two people, each highly esteemed in the circle in which they move, may have a devastating effect on each other without a single unkind word or selfish action, so that companionship means misery.

The intuitions of all humanity declare chat marriage can hold the greatest good in life, but it is very rare to see that intuition justified; yet, when this occurs, so great is the happiness achieved, and so uplifting an influence does it exert in its immediate environment, that all the married misery seems outweighed by the completeness of this one attainment.

What line shall we take, then, with regard to the institution of marriage in civilised society? Shall we imitate the Greeks, who required of their wives nothing but the bearing of heirs, while they sought the companions of their heart and mind among free, unmated women, whom we should regard as courtesans. Shall we weaken the marriage-bond by greatly facilitating divorce in conformity with the American practice?

Or shall we continue with our present scheme of things, and stake all on a single irrevocable choice? Each of these plans has its disadvantages. By the Greek system women of the highest evolution seldom gave children to the race, for the women of promiscuous habits are usually sterile. Moreover, the mothers of the nation, prized only for fecundity, were given little culture of either character or intellect, and were, therefore, unfitted for the training of their children, being themselves untrained.

It is generally agreed nowadays that the influences of early childhood are extremely important in character building, and that ignorant and inexperienced women. Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth. Create a List. Download to App. Ratings: Rating: 4. Length: pages 2 hours.

Description Dion Fortune's basic esoteric textbook on the psychology of love and relationships gives a simple explanation of the universal factors governing interaction between masculine and feminine, from the "lowest" to the "highest" level of the Seven Planes. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1.


Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage

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Review: The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage – Dion Fortune

So what is this text really about? Fortune puts forth the sevenfold model of reality: physical, astrals, mentals, and spiritual planes, and how we operate on them, and more relevant to the theme of the text how we interact with our partner on those various levels. She covers how we relate to our partner on each plane in what she sees as alternating patterns of opposites and similarities, again I ended up agreeing with her, after I disagreed with what levels related how. She even discusses Soul Mates and Twin Souls, both in very positive lights, but stressed how exceedingly uncommon they are. This book was written in the s and it bears a lot of the traits of that time. Fortune mentions the great potential of psychic energy that is an unmarried childless woman 45 after all without a husband or kids women have nothing else to do with their time and energy.


The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage

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