This is the latest edition of our classic CICS book. The book has demystified and shown me the true light in some areas that have been more than somewhat confusing for many of my more than 25 years in the business. The only prerequisite is that you know how to develop mainframe COBOL programs that process indexed files. But this book is also for experienced CICS programmers. It allows you to learn features you haven't used before, as you need them. It serves as a quick reference to the CICS commands and features you use most on the job.

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This book, now in its third edition, has been a staple in mainframe education since the early s. As a result, your students will gain insight into how CICS fits into the mainframe structure as they learn the details of CICS application programming. And, yes, this book will outperform any training materials that are available from IBM. You are currently on the Murach site for instructors. To buy this book, please visit our retail site.

The overall goal of this book is to show your students how to develop CICS programs. To get them started right:. For a college course, that may be all that you want to assign.

But here are three that are specific to this book:. If you offer mainframe programming courses in your curriculum, this book can be used for a complete course in CICS programing.

Then, your students can compile and test their exercises and projects on that mainframe. Table of Contents. There are no book corrections that we know of at this time. Thank you! This is our site for college instructors. To buy Murach books, please visit our retail site. Murach Books Murach For Instructors. Customer Service Web Development Books. Mobile Development Books. Programming Language Books. Database Programming Books. Mainframe Programming Books. Previous Editions Still in Stock.

About Our Courseware. Courseware Overview. What Our Courseware Includes. How to Use Our Courseware. Customer Service Overview. Our Review Copy Policy. International Booksellers. Buy Murach Books. My Account. Murach Books Website. Contact Us Register Sign In. Request a printed review copy Request an eBook review copy Request the instructor's materials. Buy This Book You are currently on the Murach site for instructors. Chapter 2 shows how all the pieces of a CICS program work together.

Chapter 3 shows how to design a CICS program using pseudo-conversational design. Chapter 4 shows how to create the BMS mapset that defines the screens a program will display. Chapter 6 shows how to test a CICS program. Section 4 presents a complete CICS application that consists of four programs. Section 5 presents the CICS commands and techniques for file and database processing. Section 6 presents advanced CICS features and skills.

Chapter 21 shows how this separation of logic can also be used for web applications, thus making CICS a more flexible transaction processor for enterprise applications. Last, because maintenance programming is the norm in a CICS shop, chapter 22 presents the type of code that you may come across as you maintain older programs. But here are three that are specific to this book: This book gets your students started fast. Once your students complete the first two sections of the book, you can assign the chapters in sections 3, 5, and 6 in whatever sequence you prefer.

To view the table of contents for this book in a PDF, just click on the link below: Table of Contents. End-of chapter activities in the book Term lists Student downloads from our site The source code for the 12 complete programs in the book. Murach college books and courseware since Buy Murach Books This is our site for college instructors. Review Our Books Web design books Web development books Mobile development books Programming language books Database programming books Mainframe programming books Previous editions still in stock.

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Murach's Cics for the Cobol Programmer : Training & Reference

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Murach’s CICS for the COBOL Programmer

This is the last edition of the only reference book we ever published. That means it gives you the information that you would otherwise have to dig through the IBM documentation to find. Today, it no longer makes sense to update a book like this because the mainframe book market has become so small. One reason for this is that IBM has always prided itself on the upward-compatibility of its software. Some highlights follow:. Here are some of our other books on subjects related to CICS. All of them have been and still are the best-sellers on these subjects.


Murach’s CICS Desk Reference

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