Temperatuurmeting 15 16 Referentiewerk 17 Bouwstenen voor een strategische oefening 19 Hoofdstuk 1. Artistieke ecosystemen 24 Beeldende kunsten 36 Podiumkunsten 50 Muziek 60 Letteren 71 Audiovisuele kunsten 81 Architectuurcultuur 91 Design Transdisciplinaire kunstpraktijken. De kunsten in de samenleving Publieksparticipatie aan de kunsten De kunsten in een veranderende samenleving Hoofdstuk 3. De Landschapstekening reikt niet alleen een analyse aan van de sterktes en zwaktes van het kunstenveld, maar wijst ook op kansen en bedreigingen. Naast een synthese van bestaande kennis is deze Landschapstekening een instrument om na te denken over de toekomst van de sector in Vlaanderen en Brussel.

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Dear people, Here is our newsletter 2! This edition comes to you from the BAU home workplaces, because our office and studios are closed as well. What a strange time this is. But along with the difficulties comes unexpected time for reflection, space to think differently and to see new possibilities.

Suddenly it turns out that our BAU Lab about viruses, which took place in November, was very prophetic! So you see, art is always a few steps ahead. We miss our nice workspace at the waterfront and the budding plants on the square.

And especially the bustle and company of makers who normally go in and out. Therefore we would be pleased to see you at the Online Open BAU Meeting on May 1st so we can keep in touch with each other - for details see the end of the newsletter. In this newsletter we hope to inform you about current affairs. And rightly a lot of attention has been given to the impact on the health of the population and those that take care of us.

In the Arts sector we are used to getting a lot done with little means. And while we have already been through a lot, the current situation is unprecedented. What five weeks ago was a self-evident measure now turns out to be a catastrophe. With the cessation of all cultural activities, the expected loss in turnover in the arts and culture sector until June 1st is estimated at million euros.

Theatres, museums, festivals and producing organizations will suffer a great deal as a result. While this group is the most vulnerable, it is the group whose needs are being met the least. However the income of the self-employed is supplemented only to the minimum wage level with a special program TOZO; Tijdelijke overbruggingsregeling zelfstandig ondernemers. Good news of course, but the support appears to be mainly for the large BIS institutions Basic Infrastructure Institutions , institutions that the government directly subsidizes for the longer term, such as ITA.

The minister does not seem to understand that the arts field is a chain, and it needs all of its links to exist. BAU is part of the alliance the Creatieve Coalitie , an initiative of 36 representative parties from different disciplines of arts and culture who are lobbying for the ZZP'ers.

It is very encouraging to see how united we are in working together, taking stock, doing research, communicating with the ministry, visiting the press and especially persevering. Step by step there is progress; the conditions of the regulations are being adjusted and the news reaches the press, but we still have a long way to go. And of course we are fighting for more support for the arts in general.

Through this link you can read the detailed latest version of the TOZO scheme. In the performing arts everything will start up again with a delay, because everything that cannot be rehearsed now will not be able to be performed later. Also, many organizations do not know if they can postpone their performances because it is not clear if they will still be part of the new Kunstenplan in Moreover, we have no idea when we will be able to start again and how this should be done in the performing arts, within a 1.

The lobby has to continue for the time being, because the workers in the sector will need support for more than 3 months. We at BAU continue to support independent dance and performance! We would like to thank all the other lobbying parties very much, including the Kunstenbond , which is incredibly committed as an umbrella advocacy party. Thanks also to all the independent makers who have provided BAU with information lately!

Fill in the survey! In order to do something about this, we want to make an inventory of how many people it concerns, so we need concrete figures.

You can fill in the survey here. The conditions for the TOZO have now been adjusted: Foreigners with a temporary residence permit who work in the Netherlands as self-employed persons now can apply for a TOZO at municipalities.

Persons lawfully residing in the Netherlands can, if they meet the criteria of the scheme, claim the TOZO scheme, WW or general assistance. Applying for general assistance may have consequences for the residence status, both for people with a residence permit and for EU citizens.

The IND applies leniency with regard to persons whose residence permits expire and by whom no extension is applied for and for EU citizens who are temporarily unable to return to their country of origin due to the current situation. This means that during the period of 'overstay' persons will not be charged in the event of a new application for a residence permit or visa, or when traveling to the country of origin after the corona crisis.

Persons without a valid residence status cannot claim general assistance. Together we created this page to promote the value of culture together. More info. Come Together 5 Just at the last minute, before all the theatres closed their doors, Come Together 5 took place. During this dance and performance 'gathering', more than forty artists associated with the Amsterdam arts field showed their work in all of Frascati's spaces and interspaces.

Dance, mime and performance makers from different generations and backgrounds came together to share insights, develop thoughts and present their latest experiments to each other and the audience.

To get an impression of this edition you can read this review written by Lucia Fernandez Santoro. We look back on a very successful fifth edition and thank all of this year's participants for their dedication, inspiration and presence. For this edition BAU had invited the initiative Aanvang! How to collaborate to create a strong vision on arts policy?

How do we convince policy makers to make radical improvements in arts funding? This is partly due to the composition of our scene, which is very international and also works internationally.

For example, professionals in dance and performance often cannot find the information needed to follow the conversation about politics, because in many places it is not available in English. Also, people do not always feel addressed and represented by or welcomed by different initiatives.

We found it a very fruitful meeting and are looking forward to the next one! They will decide how to deal with the fact that the budget for this year may not be spent. BAU has recently set up a Facebook group. We set up this group for the independent professionals from the Amsterdam dance and performance field. With this group we want to offer a platform to get in touch with each other and have a discussion.

The subjects. Currently there is still a lot of uncertainty amongst freelancers about this scheme: how and when can freelancers apply, and when are freelancers eligible for these benefits?

The Creatieve Coalitie tries to provide more clarity on these questions. The conditions are adopted from the website of the Ministry of the SWZ. The TOZO is not yet in force and still needs to officially be published. However, in some municipalities applications for this temporary benefit can be processed. If a freelancer is in serious financial stress, the municipality can give an advance. The ministry of SZW asks freelancers who still have sufficient financial reserves to wait with the application.

In this way municipalities are less overburdened and can handle more adequately. The official KvK-advisory team of the Coronavirus can be reached from Monday to Friday between and by calling The temporary benefits TOZO are for freelancers and entrepreneurs who have become the victim of the coronavirus crisis.

This is based on the existing Bbz decree on assistance for freelancers , but in this case will be processed and provided more quickly. Because of the exceptional situation in which The Netherlands currently finds herself this scheme has temporary flexible conditions: The income-support for life sustenance will not have to be repaid. In addition, a loan for working capital can be requested.

For the time being, TOZO applies for 3 months until the 1st of June and with retroactive effect from the 1st of March It is carried out by the municipality in which the freelancer lives.

The ministry of SZW will further elaborate the scheme together with the association of the Dutch municipality among others. The scheme is based on the existing Bbz and will be processed by municipalities where you live, not the municipality where your company is located. The scheme applies to freelancers who have become a victim of the Coronavirus crisis.

The government is asking all freelancers to only apply for the scheme for this special case. Freelancers residing in Belgium or Germany are not eligible. Freelancers on a payroll who are not self-employed professionals and are not registered at the KvK are noteligible for the temporary benefit.

They may be eligible for WW unemployment benefits. For them the existing conditions are applied, including the wekeneis the requirement that you have worked at least 26 weeks out of the 36 before you became unemployed.

We await the precise rules of the new regulations. These have yet to be officially published. Because TOZO is not yet in force, municipalities do not have access to it yet. However, they can process applications. Municipalities that desire to support freelancers without the official scheme can do this by granting an advance. For those who are financial stable the government requests to wait a little longer with the application, this will relieve the municipalities and the people who really need the support.

Some municipalities use separate organizations for the implementation of temporary benefits. For more information on granting advances, check the website of your municipality under Corona info.

To apply you must fill in the existing Bbz application form, which you can find on the official website of the municipality in which you live.

Submit this form to your municipality, together with an extract from the Trade Register from the KvK, copies of your identification, bank statements and existing orders and letters.

Municipalities will attempt to process these digitally. The official scheme itself is not yet in force due to the demanding procedures attached to it. If you apply you have to choose your category below the links to the webpages of the municipality of Amsterdam :. The time has come for our last newsletter of this year, even of this decennium. BAU is in reflection mode these days but more importantly in anticipation mode.

As you might know these have been boisterous times in terms of art policy with the plans of the Minister of Culture - Ingrid van Engelshoven - to take away 8,6 million of the FPK Performing Arts Fund.


Federal Register of Legislation - Australian Government

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Dear people, Here is our newsletter 2! This edition comes to you from the BAU home workplaces, because our office and studios are closed as well. What a strange time this is. But along with the difficulties comes unexpected time for reflection, space to think differently and to see new possibilities. Suddenly it turns out that our BAU Lab about viruses, which took place in November, was very prophetic!

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