Bruno Schulz , Jane Bennett , thing-power. Are there ways in which we can look to literature to deepen our understanding of not just what it means to be human, but what it means to be a human in the physical world? This past year, in which I have been looking extensively at the work of Bruno Schulz , I have gradually discovered that the body of work committed to paper by this Polish-born author is a difficult—if not impossible—thing to describe. But this, too, falls flat.

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File with Issue Contents. Text File. The article is an interpretation of a story from the volume Sklepy cynamonowe The Cinnamon Shops. An analysis of the conflict between the matriarchal and the patriarchal order is the context of this reading. The present paper discusses e. The most crucial reading trope is connected to displaying a woman style of actions and conspiracy experience complemented with unilateral male war history.

At the same time, borderline situations of threat, fear, solidarity and responsibility included into the story are such ones of which a woman perspective of experience in the piece become a simply human perspective. The author of the article analyses the problem both implicitly in his consideration on the given creation of a literary protagonist and the world presented and discursively in statements given in silvae and in interviews with the writer.

The image of literature and its influence on a man proves to be full of paradoxes. Composing and reading lead simultaneously to dangerous disappointments and feeling of alienation in the world, but also allows to construct a community.

The author of the article refers e. The novel on the one hand generates specific literary genetic and semantic occurrences fictional autobiography and yarn , and on the other hand questions them. Paradoxicality of to date methodologies is presented as based on a newly observed formal phenomenon of interdiegeticity.

It consists in a conditional suspense of diegetic division in a piece of writing fundamental for both autobiography and yarn. The paper demonstrates the way in which the contemporary writer is shaped by literature, especially by other writers. What emerges from reading pieces by the mentioned men of letters is the figure of the writer who inhabits the story. For them literature has become a way of life, not only in financial or professional aspect.

The world of books is not an alternative to everyday realty but it allows to subjugate it and to make it bearable. The article analyses the problem of contemporary research in literary perception and the possible ways of its development.

The analysis is carried out in the context of the perspective offered by the connections between literary reception and literary sociology. Especially much attention is paid to the understanding of interpretive communities—the term coined by an American literary scholar and pragmatist Stanley Fish. Following this way of reasoning, the article supports the view that the situation in which a new text is adopted by the interpretive community to become a certain key, a picklock, an interpretive strategy, is the essence of literary reception.

From this perspective the code is seen rather as a peculiar experiment in which lexical material remains in direct connection with avant-garde in its nature mistrust to language, an effort to defragment language and passion for destruction. This issue became the basis for complications and dispute when in the year prof. In the final part the author considers when and in which circumstances as many as at least 8 volumes might have been lost or destroyed.

Gombrowicz — queer — Sedgwick. The reviewer highlights the methodological innovativeness and interpretive originality of the presented readings. The background for the two monographs are numerous and methodologically diversified positions, of which all are synthetically discussed. Sotirios Karageorgos. Aleksandra Chomiuk. Katarzyna Buszkowska.

Settled in Literature On Reading Writers. Text File The paper demonstrates the way in which the contemporary writer is shaped by literature, especially by other writers. Anna Jarmuszkiewicz. Text File The article analyses the problem of contemporary research in literary perception and the possible ways of its development.

Marta Baron-Milian. Krystian Korytko. Aleksander Madyda. Marcin Bielecki. Tom XLVI. Katowice—Warszawa Tomasz Kunz. Seria I, nr Historia, anegdota, etymologia. Current issue. From To Everywhere Author Word in title. By using the website you agree to our cookies policy. At any time you can change the settings as regards cookies as well as learn more about them Click here Do not show this information again.


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