Cours individuels de natation enfants ou adultes. YOUTH 16y. Immerse the head in a fun way. Be sure to evaluate your children correctly using the chart below before registering them in a mini-collective lesson! As you complete the questions in this online form, our system is building a final workbook document in the background.

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Mon meilleur souvenir? Et tellement encore!! Une superbe coach!! Je dois en dire plus? En attendant, prenez soin de vous. Les photos!!! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. Interview 10 1-What's your name: Charlotte Rampon 2-How old are you: 23 years old 3-At what age did you start swimming: 10 years old 4-What was your best level of practice: Regional Championships 5-What are your best performances: 50 NL in My best memory is the first meeting of Puy en Velay with Yannick Agnel, Camille Muffat and Charlotte Bonnet freshly Olympic medal 8-What's your favorite workout in training: legs but without the the 9-What's the exercise you don't like: arms with big pads The swimmer who made you want to invest and why: I had no influence at first but the more the seasons advanced the more passion and motivation evolved What did swimming practice bring you?

It was by going to workouts and competitions that I wanted to continue and progress in this sport. It was in an outdoor pool of 50 m and the competition program had been changed due to the delay of the patent tests.

So there were "special patent" series. We were going to take classes between each series despite the high heat. We were back on Sunday and Monday we were passing the tests. There was a very good atmosphere in the Puy team. It was really good, had a great weekend with the band and Julien. Also, I would tell them to always give each other so they don't regret and always keep the hope that we can make it.

Interview 8 1. I'm 24 years old 3. My highest level was nationals 2 5. My specialties were and back as well as the NL. At this time, I was working around 12 hours a week and was doing 1 or 2 hours of weight extra. My best memory? It's complicated there are so many!! I'd say it was once we had the pool just for us, there was some pretty strong music in the pool and on one of them very popular back then, all the boys got out of the water and started dancing by the pool!!

It was a minute of very strong fun and then back to work smh. My favorite exercise was probably the crawl crawl in the pads 9. The exercise I don't like: everything about the brewing I don't really have swimmers or swimmers who made me want it's mostly a passion but if I had to say someone I'd say Laure manaudou Swimming has brought me friends, the taste of work, perseverance, niac, the taste of sport, self-being, a competitive spirit, push its limits, community life, a certain autonomy, of Joy and crying, laughter And so much more!!

A great coach!! Every Monday morning some of us would swim from 7 am to 8 pm. I had class from 9 am and still got wet hair and red cheeks because I had given in general during training. And there my classmates always asked me the same question: But you went swimming before going to class!? Me: Well yes it feels good then it wakes up for the day.

Them: But you're crazy!?!? I think we were often seen as crazy but it was the passion of swimming that won every time. After senior year I did 5 years of study and today I am Physiotherapist. For the younger ones I would like to tell them to hang on, to give themselves to the fullest because swimming is such a beautiful sport that gives very beautiful life lessons but I would also like to tell them that it has to be a pleasure above all Translated.

See More. What pushed me to get past myself was all the swimmers in the group that was much better than me Swimming has brought me a lot of things like perseverance and question. Swimming has also brought me a lot of rigour with very good memories and especially very good friends anecdotes, I don't really have any but with competitions and internships there are so many and we can't hold them all I don't have a lot of advice to give since the majority I am advised by others.

First time 4-At how old did you start swimming: Around my 6th birthday 5-How many hours of training do you do a week? Quite recently the summer leagues in Pierrelatte as well as the French championships were hopes in Caen last season 7-What's your favorite workout in training? A lot of friends, good memories but also a lot of rigour, organization as well as some values just as important as those learned in school One or more anecdote s to share: Not especially anecdotes to share but very good memories of some laughs in competitions What advice do you want to give to the youngest: take the time, listen to your coach and work well, don't lose the concept of fun and fun present at the very base of swimming.

Treat yourself to keep progress Translated. Interview 5 My name is Ribeyre Adrien, I'm 20 years old! Started swimming at 6 years old My level was N1 France Elite Best performance: nl 52 ' in small 54 large, 50 in small 25'0 large, 50 big, 50, , ,, 1' Do I have to say more? I was doing 8 to 9 session in the water and 2 in the gym so at about 20 hour Best memory: My France in Mulhouse and those of Angers too N1 Favorite exercises: All things related to sprint not exercises: 4 swim backwards and works half background and long swimmers who had an influence: Alain Bernard and Yannick Agnel because these two great swimmers with good background and a good personality.

These are two examples to take especially Alain who was very powerful on the sprint, especially on , it makes you want a lot What this sport brought me: Swimming taught me how to train with other people, have a good organization in the day, worked invest me, respect people and above all the greatest Studies: I am in L2 licensing in management school I hope to go to L3 and then do a master A tip to the youngest: Work invest if you want to go far and be strong but if you don't have the urge or you don't treat yourself in the water stop.

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