I note that the core rulebook has been pulled from Drivethru and none of the new books have gotten pdf releases. This is particularly grating as I've "gone digital" and while I would like to buy the new books I currently cant. I initially took the removal of the core rulebook as PDF to mean that Core Exxet was on the way, but now I wondering if FFG is moving away from the line given all it other licences. A digital copy with the purchase of a hard-back might be an idea.

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Introduction: I'll admit not having played Final Fantasy or other Japanese video roleplaying games. I'm still familiar with genre, and even visuals alone will tell you that these fantasy games are quite different than their western counterparts. Indeed, Anima, which looks on the surface to be a tabletop rpg version of Japanese computer rpgs, was originally published by Edge Entertainment in Spain. That doesn't make it any less qualified to be a thorough and detailed treatment of the genre.

However, its complex character generation rule may put gamers off. Character Generation: Anima character generation is flavorful but highly detailed and complicated. If you're the type who approaches character generation as a spreadsheet budget, or someone who must create a super-exotic mondo-unique uber-butt-kicking character or, much worse, have a player who wants to be one , expect to spend quite a bit of time going through several chapter's worth of character creation options.

But if you limit first characters to the same basics the sample character uses yes, Ki, Magic, and Psychic abilities are not basic! After their first game, players you can your players recreate their characters or introduce new ones. If you do a search on "anima roleplay character generation", you should be able to find jmbowman's Anima character generator. Combat: Anima combat is straightforward, with optional complexity.

Each turn you have an action, often an attack. In an attack, you and your opponent both do a "skill die roll" of an attack skill eg. Attack Ability versus a defense skill eg. You then cross-index the difference negative numbers can cause counterattacks! This results in a percentage which you multiply against your weapon's damage to determine how much damage you actually do. Additional rules and modifiers are provided for ranged and optional hand-to-hand and ranged attacks.

Sourcebook: Much of the gamemaster's section is source material: Gaia's history, Countries and Cities, Organizations factions , The Supernatural World, and Powers in the Shadow conspiratorial organizations influencing Gaia , Hell supernatural worlds and their races , Light and Darkness deities and mechanics for their gifts , and Supernatural Presence how much of the world's reality is centered around a character -- including the PCs.

Gamemaster: Other gamemaster sections include gamemaster advice and guidelines, Common Characters common NPC stats , Creation of Beings detailed mechanics for creating special creatures , Creature Compendium example creatures , and a character sheet.

Art and Layout: Bring out your iPads. At full-color pages, you're not going to print this out. It's too bad that Anima doesn't have a printer-friendly or text-only version. Conclusion: This is not a casual roleplaying game.

The system is complicated, and the source material extensive. However, if you're looking for a detailed tabletop treatment of a Japanese video game, Anima is a definite choice. If you are into games like the Final Fantasy series, you will definitely like Anima's setting. The rules of the game remind me a lot of Rolemaster. It almost looks like a direct clone in certain aspects. While I am normally into more rules-light games, I found Anima's system strangely compelling.

The campaign setting included in the book is a mixture between fantasy and historic elements. As noted before the artwork is top-notch and I could see people picking this title up for the artwork alone.

The only drawback is the steep price. But aside from that, I wholeheartedly recommend Anima Beyond Fantasy. First impressions here A solid product. Good mechanics, love the richness of the game world. Character creation is not simple or quick, but I feel like this helps add to the customizability and depth of the characters. Magic users and ki users characters are even more involved. Overall, Anima is a welcome departure from the standard 'MMO on paper' that seems to have taken over mainstream gaming.

Pick it up today! I curse myself for not getting this sooner then I did. Amazing in almost every aspect, definitely something I am going to get my group to take a serious look at when it comes time for a new campaign. From the rules, simple but can get as crunchy as ya like, to the general feel of it all, it works wonderfully. A nice break in the world that seems obsessed with the D Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week!

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Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG Game Instruction Manual Hard Cover Rule Book

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Anima Beyond Fantasy - Core Rulebook


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