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Hosted via Zoom, registration is required to attend you only need to register once. And please attend! If you submit a question and…. The intermingled beauty and horror of social media is the empowerment of anyone, in human or bot form, to freely express in countries without filtering any opinion, on any topic, to any number of people.

In the initial weeks, strident messaging around this slow-growing crisis has…. Current events being what they are, there are lots of people at home, some employed and some not, who are using their time to learn new skills. I fully realize that not every job is capable of being remotely done. However, for the sake of those very people who must risk being in public on a daily basis, we who…. Of all of the various and sundry side gigs that constitute my weird career, writing in various forms has always figured prominently.

What with my technical writing, screenwriting, and the miscellaneous writing I do for proposals, planning, and of course this blog, it is known that I do a lot of writing.

And so, folks who think they ought to do more writing frequently…. This was when the value of actually owning a computer was still debatable.

At the time I was asking for an Apple II, figuring that would be an…. That said, long hours,…. My uncle Bill recently moved from California to Minnesota, near where my mom recently moved also from California to Minnesota which is two hours south of where I live.

I originally stumbled upon this thanks to i09 back in , and just had to share it. In the process of updating my web site, I checked up on the project again and saw that I need to make several updates, because of anything the information has become even more relevant.

By now, I imagine most people who know me via social media are abundantly aware that I directed a movie in China, Carry My Heart to the Yellow River, in the summer of that was finished back in March of It has since been playing its way through to date 24 film festivals in seven countries around the world, so far winning two awards in the process. Audiences have responded enthusiastically, shedding not a few tears over this heartfelt drama of a high school graduate undertaking an arduous bike trip on behalf of her cancer-embattled friend.

We shot large-format 8K with a great camera and state-of-the-art cinema lenses, the editor and I had months to refine the edit properly, and I got the chance to do postproduction right, grading and mastering carefully considered SDR and HDR versions, and having a surround mix done in a Dolby Atmos theater. As is the way with these…. If you want to practice grading as an art, and I do mean practice, you have to really….

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