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Rail News! Heading to the airport? Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Rail News! Pages: In the absence of a copy of the contract it's all speculation, so I wouldn't bother too much with the notion one way or the other. This is daft. There's nothing going on at the airport that incremental improvements to the Airtrain timetable will not fix. As with the Toowoomba Greyhound services, TransLink should not be going into the business of offering subsidised lower cost alternatives to profit making private services.

I thought we were about co-ordinating bus and rail, not making them compete against each other. Metro Member Posts: Private cars, private buses, private taxis, etc are already going to Brisbane Airport 'in competition with' the train.

Nobody thinks they should be banned from doing so. If people are using these modes, it is because they perceive a benefit in doing so over and above the alternatives already on offer.

Adelaide runs buses to the Airport, and many airports overseas have multiple options to access airport precincts. It is difficult to see why extending a cross-town half-hourly bus a very short distance to Brisbane Airport with an 8-minute bus ride from Toombul, is so controversial. Extending a bus from Toombul to Brisbane Airport and connecting the northside would come at minor incremental cost and would likely pay for itself as the extension would be so short and the travel time short also as the road is a freeway.

It is likely no subsidy would be required. Airtrain's costs are fixed and sunk, and the bus would operate in an area where the train does not. Negative people Quote from: colinw on May 11, , PM. When Airtrain was planned, there was expectations that one day there would be a station above the Toombul floodplain car park.

Like the DFO precinct has now become plus casino. I remember borrowing the full study several hundred page book from the Nundah library around when construction had started. HappyTrainGuy Member Posts: It's easy to tell who lives or knows much about Brisbane's northside. Quote from: pandmaster on May 11, , PM. Web group fares are also available via online purchase for groups of three or four passengers. Please note the early bird savers cannot be used in conjunction with any other Airtrain savers e.

For more visit www. For further information, please visit www. Half baked projects, have long term consequences A joint initiative between the State government, through TransLink, and Airtrain has also seen the installation of new wide-berth go card gates for easier transport of luggage and improved commuter flow to fast-track travel for all.

About Airtrain: Brisbane Airtrain is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to reach Brisbane, the Gold Coast and suburbs from Brisbane Airport. Trains depart every 15 minutes from the city in peak periods and every 30 minutes in off peak periods to the airport in only 24 minutes.

Airtrain Holdings Limited is an unlisted public company that owns the concession until for the Brisbane Airport Rail Link which consists of an 8. Airtrain commenced operations in and is the sole rail service connecting Brisbane Airport to the CBD, the wider Queensland Rail passenger rail network and the Gold Coast. In the last year there were 1.

For more information on Airtrain services and updates, passengers are encouraged to visit www. ENDS Tweet. Clearly their research didn't find that people might like to travel after 10pm if their flight is scheduled in later in the evening.

I'm sure the waves will soothe them while they sit on the platform watching the service shoot off. Their website might be easier to use but it's not going to be easier to find with search engines if you leave all your title tags empty! It's been a wonderful line. Let's see what the STB Member Posts: Quote from: ozbob on May 07, , AM.

Something tells me airtrain patronage is down for them to do a deal like that. I know for a fact that many Brisbane based AirTrain users either get off at Eagle Junction even though they may be heading into the CBD or beyond just to tag off, and then they touch on again to head into their actual destination. Some who live in suburban stations don't actually tag off when exiting the station I don't think this really works as they get charged the penalty fare but perhaps they call up to report an incorrect fare.

All I know is that the AirTrain needs fixing up in terms of timetabling and cost. Either maintain the high prices so they can run at least 1 service at least hr after the last commercial flight, or reduce the fares if they want to keep it unreliable for those leaving or arriving on late night flights.

Especially the greenish sideboard, tends to have grime all on it. Content warning: coarse language. James Member Posts: Can we really expect the Airtrain to be clean? The trains used all come from the suburban stock used elsewhere on the network, so it should be no surprise that they're dirty. Really the best that can be done would be Airtrain employing a cleaner to sweep through and clean the trains at the airport terminus and pick up the obvious rubbish like wrappers, bottles etc.

To maintain Airtrain trains to a premium would require cleaning all trains to a high standard. Same in Sydney. To be honest, it's fortunate most Airport trains are run by the newest trains, not EMUs. Is it really that hard to run frequent, reliable public transport? When it comes to keeping the trains clean look back a couple years FYI The Ekka is almost here! Use the code 'ekka' at www. These tickets are now available for purchase. The expiry is December That's an excellent price, well done Airtrain.

Sent from my G using Tapatalk Tweet. Quote from: brissypete on July 29, , AM. Quote from: tazzer9 on August 02, , AM. This is probably a phase in approach prior to Next Generation Ticketing. It too will be all done by the Go card similar to Sydney. They may also have other things in mind as an automated incentive with Next Gen Ticketing. Trains could run every 10 mins during peak on the Airport line with improvements at Skygate.

Sale for Airtrain this week. Our ticket books contain 10 individual tickets which are open dated for travel to or from the Brisbane Airport. They are also valid at all G:link tram stations. This special is only for a limited time after which these products will return to their normal price. Is Airtrain free with fare free Mondays for trains?

Quote from: verbatim9 on November 14, , PM. Quote from: ozbob on November 14, , PM. SMF 2.

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Brisbane's Airtrain: Hours, Address, Brisbane's Airtrain Reviews: 4/5

Airtrain connects passengers from the Brisbane Airport to the City in 20 minutes, and travels express to the Gold Coast. Passengers can catch Airtrain and Tram for travel to the heart of Surfers Paradise via a transfer at Helensvale rail station to the G:link tram service. Airtrain services travel from Brisbane Airport every 15 minutes in peak and 30 minutes in off-peak. The journey is comfortable in our modern fleet of trains, with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, space for luggage, restrooms on board and LED screens to help you navigate your journey.


Brisbane's Airtrain

Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Please consult government travel advisories before booking. More information can be found here. Brisbane's Airtrain Reviews. Mass Transportation Systems. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date s you selected.

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