He was born in Fes in of Berber parents. After the Qur'an school and the schools of Fes Sefrioui has made French his own. As a young journalist for "Action du Peuple" and as writer of historical articles as a curator for the "Addoha" museum he mastered the language. After he worked at the government departments of culture, education and tourism in Rabat.

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He was one of the few French-speaking Maghribian writers to give sympathetic treatment to traditional Muslim life and values. A tone of melancholy pervades this world.

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Sefrioui, Ahmed 1915-2004

The book follows the Maghreb tradition of an autobiographical style, written in the first person. The novel has been used as a vehicle for teaching French to students of Maghreb origin, since they can more easily relate to the experiences of the author than they would to books written by and about French people. The narrator adult, plagued by loneliness begins his story to better understand dating his solitude forever. It then presents the tenants Dar chouafa: lalla kenza the seer ground floor , Driss El Aouad, his wife and their daughter Rahma zineb first floor and fatma Bziouya the second floor. It evokes memories Moorish Bath and its Wonders box where the objects found there to keep him company.


Ahmed Sefrioui


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