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By Bernice McCarthy, About Teaching challenges educators to abandon the view of learning as disseminating information and to embrace a wider view of the teaching and learning process. It encourages educators to consider not only what students learn, but how and why they learn.

Lesson Plans are included in this book. The Learning Type Measure LTM is one of the most widely used tools in the world for profiling individual approaches to learning. It is an extraordinary tool for maximizing the creative and intellectual potential of your staff. With the LTM's graphic overlay, you'll construct easily interpreted representations of your personal strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

It's designed to help managers, trainers and communicators map out strategies for improving individual potential, motivate learners with strategies crafted to their unique learning style, identify situations in which different people function most effectively, profile the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

The Learning Type Measure's point self report questionnaire measures individual preferences for selecting, organizing, prioritizing and representing knowledge, information and experience. The LTM is an invaluable tool for designing instruction, managing human systems, parenting and improving personal relations. Purchase this item now. This special classroom kit has been designed for teachers to have a conversation with parents about 4MAT and the learning preferences of their children.

Included in the kit are the following items from About Learning:. This special classroom kit has been designed for teachers to have a conversation with students about 4MAT and their learning preferences. The SLP Presenter's Guide gives teachers, educational professionals or parents a number of tools for teaching people to understand and interpret the results from the Student Learning Preferences Survey.

This presenter guide includes a copy of the Student Learning Preferences Survey, a presenter guide for aiding in the interpretation of the instrument and a Power Point show for introducing students to learner differences and the Natural Cycle of Learning. The most important point is that each participant offers a unique and valuable contribution.

Home Products. Thursday Jun 04th. Home What is 4MAT? Products About Teaching: 4MAT in the Classroom By Bernice McCarthy, About Teaching challenges educators to abandon the view of learning as disseminating information and to embrace a wider view of the teaching and learning process. Key topics include:.

This is the ultimate handbook for designing 4MAT units. The 4MAT Quadrant Handbook is a compilation of strategies, best practices, rubrics, scaling criteria and tricks for all four quadrants. It can be used as a coaching tool and as a refresher workshop for those already practicing and using this instructional design model.

In this guidebook, you will learn how differences in the ways people learn create profound differences in school success, including Detailed learner type descriptions Strategies for helping your child adapt their personal style of learning to the demands of schooling.

As learning differences become more and more important, educators must find new ways to help enrich instruction and engage students. It also offers concrete guidance in how to expand instruction to ensure high levels of student participation. Teachers can rely on the strategies in this book to give diverse students a challenging set of learning experiences that will benefit students now and in the future.

Traveling the Natural 4MAT Cycle About Learning introduces the Natural Cycle of Learning Tutorial entitled Traveling the 4MAT Natural Cycle, This new interactive tool brings training participants beyond the idea of individual differences by demonstrating how learning styles fit within the larger framework of how people learn. Participants will use this tool to experience the four points of the Learning Cycle and how they all must be honored for learning to be truly successful.

This product includes 25 tutorials along with a 25 pack of the Learning Type Measure assessments. Purchase this item. Each listing includes: 1 title, 2 author, 3 publication name, and 4 a brief abstract. Includes references to both 4MAT and related research. Also includes a lengthy theoretical perspective on the origins of the 4MAT model, including one section on right and left mode processing and one on learning styles.

This collection includes seventeen complete unit plans, with twelve History units, three English Literature units and one Science unit. These unit plans include everything a teacher needs to deliver these instructional units over a week timeframe, including full resource lists, worksheets, and step-by-step guidance in how to orchestrate these in the classroom.

This survey is appropriate for middle and high school students and is a wonderful tool for engaging students in a conversation about how they learn. The SLP includes a simple, self-test instrument for learners to profile their particular approach to learning.

It includes information on the different ways people learn along with strategies for helping students become more responsible for learning. Assess and develop strengths and weaknesses as a learner Develop the full potential of their learning abilities Understand and capitalize on different ways of thinking and learning Identify situations where they learn most effectively Map out strategies for improving their learning potential.

About Learning About Learning presents the profound differences in how people learn and how these differences can be combined to create high performance learning programs.

Discover the consistent and replicable forces behind all quality learning programs and how to put them to work in a variety of settings.

Marvelously creative in ideas and format. Exciting, comprehensive and brimming with ideas and insights. The 4MAT Method was working great but my materials were all over the place. I needed a tool for organizing my daily lessons in a way that meshed well with the 4MAT Instructional Cycle. I found myself drawing small wheels on my plan book and stuffing handouts and lesson plans into an already bulging spiral binder.

This plan book is the ideal replacement for multi subject lesson plan books that many teachers use. The teacher can mark where the lesson falls on the wheel for that day. The 4MAT Planner lets teachers know exactly where they are on the cycle on every day of the week. The 4MAT Planner also includes a number of other resources for helping teachers master the art of instruction, including:. Administrators are always seeking to get more time in the classroom to help provide suggestions for teachers on how to improve instructiom.

The 4MAT Planner helps teachers understand where teachers are in the insrtructional process and improves their abilty to do effective classroom observations. Teachers and administrators will instantly know on what part of the cycle the teacher is working on any given day.

I sincerely hope you and your colleagues find this instrument as useful as I have. It has made my life a lot easier, and I hope it will help you too!

The revised 4MAT Lesson Planning Guide includes our latest thinking on the process of designing and creating effective instruction. We've completely revamped our lesson-planning recipe to provide teachers with the most comprehensive educational planning resource available.

The Lesson Planning guide includes step-by-step instruction in the process of creating effective instruction, including…. The Leadership Behavior Inventory is a point, self-administered survey for assessing the degree to which leaders incorporate different aspects of leadership into their management methods.

The LBI is designed to help individuals analyze the patterns of behavior that are most characteristic of their leadership style. These themes were drawn from twenty award-winning books on which these unit plans are based. The Children's Literature Series may be purchased as a complete bundle of 20 units or individually below. Grandfather's Journey. Mirette on the High Wire.

The Day the Relatives Came. Tommy's Mommy's Fish. Research shows that there are two different hemispheric functions and that effective training uses both types of processing strategies, both right mode and left mode. Commonly referred to as right- and left-brain approaches to learning, these two very different functions can form a powerful basis for improving classroom instruction. And now you can measure individual preferences for these two very different processing methods with the Hemispheric Mode Indicator.

The HMI is a unit self-scoring survey that identifies your preference for either right or left brain processing. Designed for easy scoring and administration, the HMI can be administered in less than 10 minutes. Includes a detailed description of right and left mode characteristics. The Visual Explorer is the ideal tool for helping teachers of all levels increase the quality of instruction with visual images and metaphors.

All images were carefully chosen to deal with a wide range of topics and to support prominent concepts in education. To support teaching of these key concepts, images are grouped into fifteen different sets. Each set includes between twelve to eighteen images along with 10 suggested classroom activities. These activities are appropriate for students of all ages and support a variety of classroom activities including: high level discussions, research tasks, independent project work and more!

Set includes images and Teacher's Reference Guide. Due to requests from the field, we are pleased to offer a smaller size version of. The Visual Explorer: Educator's Edition. The quantity and quality of the images remain the same and the very useful Teacher's Reference Guide is included. If this smaller set would fit your needs and your budget, please order this version. Brilliant, ready-made 4MAT lessons at your disposal. In one, easy-to-use volume. An invaluable resource for any 4MAT practitioner.

About Learning W. All Rights Reserved. Designed by JoomlArt. About Teaching: 4MAT in the Classroom By Bernice McCarthy, About Teaching challenges educators to abandon the view of learning as disseminating information and to embrace a wider view of the teaching and learning process.

Key topics include: the different ways students learn the foundations of learning The 4MAT Model of Teaching and Learning designing instruction to reflect how people learn expanding assessment to engage all students About Teaching offers a proven teaching system for infusing the core elements of quality learning into any instructional setting.

Through this framework, teachers will learn to create instruction that promotes meaningful and long-lasting learning while giving every student an equal chance to learn. The 4MAT Lesson Planning Kit includes the new lesson recipe, 15 blank planning wheels, 15 assessment planning pages, the revised Lesson Planning Guide, a set of instructional checker cards to assist in planning a complete 4MAT unit.


4mat wheel template

W ebinar Times are all CST. Add to my calendar. Online Training Session. Students learn in a number of different ways and the 4MAT Framework helps teachers account for these differences by expanding delivery methods.


Blank 4mat Wheel Template

Purchase This Item. For many students their first year in college is the most crucial. So more and more colleges are offering first year experience programs to acclimate students to college and ensure they employ more memorable and more efficient methods of learning. Teach Students How to Learn better to improve their success in College. About Learning is pleased to introduce 4MAT 4 College, a credit hour course for teaching college bound or first year college students how to improve their college experience by using the natural cycle of learning.


The 4MAT. Principles of. PI Chart. Blank Planning Form for DI. For example, in 4MAT, learning type is described as the order and. All rights reserved. No duplication allowed.



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