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Don't have a profile? View more versions of this product. Catalog No. Intelligent Control Technology sterilizes higher load capacities in shorter batch times, saving time and energy. Dual temperature and pressure control systematically increases chamber pressure and temperature throughout heating phase, helping to achieve chamber and sample temperature in half the time of other autoclaves. Cooling system available on select models.

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The following illustrations and descriptions refer to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They do not represent the scope of delivery. Please refer to the text of the offer for the exact scope of delivery. Sterilization applications. The right system for every type of sterilization.

Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled. Additional options ensure even more efficient work, with control of results and optimal, safe and reproducible sterilization processes. Built-in technical progress. Process control. Via state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. LCT display. For pressure, temperature, time and errors.

Sterilization parameters. Preselected parameters remain programmed until altered. Sterilization initiation. A PT temperature sensor in a reference vessel guarantees that the set sterilization temperature is actually attained before sterilization starts. RS Interface. Demineralised water level regulation.

Feed water for steam generation is automatically regulated. Exhaust steam condensation. Exhaust steam is cooled down before leaving the autoclave. No unnecessary steam is exhausted. Drainage equipment protected from contact with steam. Heat-resistant plastic covering on lid. Prevents contact with hot parts and protects from burning. Pressure-dependent door lock. Prevents the door from being opened whilst under pressure.

Temperature-dependent door lock. In conjunction with temperature measurement in a reference vessel, the system prevents the door from being opened until the temperature is below a specified level. Hence preventing delayed boiling as specified by technical regulations for pressure vessels, complies with British-and German Standards. Door lock safety switch. Prevents the sterilization programme from being started if the door is not properly closed.

Water level safety device. Prevents the autoclave from being heated up if insufficient water is available for steam generation. Excess temperature safety device. Switches off the heating elements if too high a temperature is attained. Overpressure valve. Release of too high pressure. Short batch times with intelligent technology. The actual sterilization time of e. Especially when sterilizing liquids, the heating and cooling phases are much longer.

In addition, this also means that media need not be exposed unduly long to high temperatures. In conventional autoclaves, the prescribed temperature may well be reached in the vessel, but the liquids to be sterilized may only be at e. This system is different! Due to the dual temperature and pressure control, the chamber pressure and hence temperature is increased in the heating phase. Temperature equilibrium is thus attained much more quickly and the overall sterilization time is shorter.

This system can also be fitted retrospectively. Technical data serie ELV. Chamber volume in litres. External dimensions W x H x D. Heating performance in KW.


Tuttnauer 3870 ELV-D vertical autoclave, 85 Litres



TUTTNAUER 3870 ELV Autoclave


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