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You can start over and do the program at a greater intensity. Or, you can do what I personally do and highly recommend: a hybrid of the two! But, keep in mind that our bodies are quick to adapt to any type of exercise. To avoid hitting a plateau, you have to keep your body guessing and change things up. You can do this by adding greater intensity or modifying your routine by adding something new. A hybrid program is a great way to keep your body guessing, and a combination of killer cardio and serious strength training is guaranteed to give you results.

Let me share how this helped me…. I specifically created Turbo as my soul mate workout, something I really enjoyed and could do over and over and over.

When I first started doing it, the amount of calories I burned during my workouts was obscene! Well, after years and years of doing the same workout every day, I noticed the amount of calories I burned had decreased. My body was adapting to the workout.

Yes, I was in good shape already by doing just one program, but adding strength training to my regular cardio-crazy workout schedule totally changed my body and took my fitness to the next level. The combination of the two kinds of workouts shocked my body and therefore caused it to change as it tried to adapt.

Simple as that! I have been doing a hybrid of Turbo and CE for awhile now and I am looking for something new. I too had a really hard time losing weight until I added heavy weight training like CE. I am wondering if you will be coming out with a CE 2 or if there is another similar program you can recommend for me. I have been unable to find anything. I have tried P90X and did not like it as much as CE. I love the combination….. I love your programs, but we need something new!!

Which by the way is kicking my butt. I completed Chalene Extreme as one of my 1st workouts. I started Turbo Fire but never completed the full 90 day workout program. Few typos sorry, question was should I do the full Turbo Fire program first before starting a Hybrid of the two? Thank you. If you really feel like you need the hybrid, do yourself a favor and do a month or six weeks of the TF schedule first so you are used to the moves, pacing and intensity.

But, I would love to see a new edition come out. Please, please, please Chalene….. You are the ONE trainer out there who has a reasonable length program grounded in biomechanics, kinesiology and common sense. No question, it works. You are an unmatched motivator. Irene, I had the same question.

Did you just finished CLE? What do you think? I had the same concern after finishing CE and starting TF, but had no trouble maintaining definition.

I think I lost a little bit of strength, but only a little bit. And it was okay in the long run because it made my second round of CE challenging again. It may not be what you are looking for but Chalene is the instructor. I too have been doing her workouts since and thoroughly enjoy her presence.

She really makes everyone feel like they are part of the group and that each person is special. I hope this helps! I recently finished Chalean extreme and started TF. I wanted to ask whether, I should start the Hybrid program, since I already completed chalean extreme. Please let me know as soon as possible. Have completed Turbo Fire and Extreme several times. Hi Chalene, Any chance you would consider doing a hip hop instructional video series?

Or maybe even do 30 minutes of cardio prior to starting the CE tape? Peace and love Chalene!!! I started long distance running, so it went on the waste side…big mistake and my physique and strength suffered. ChaLEAN 2. Love, love, love turbo fire!!!!! I have a bad neck…therefore weightlifting is not an option.

Totally need new turbo fire dvds…the more the better. The more intense and longer the better….. The longer the better, the more dvds the better…..

Please, please, please make more…. I am not the only one who wants more!!! New dvds would make an excellent Xmas gift…hint, hint. Keep up the good work!!!!! This is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read post! I have finished Chalean Extreme and I am wondering if I should go straight into Turbo Fire or start with the hybrid schedule.

I have the BOD on demand and therefore have access to what is best. I love Turbofire, and would like to incorporate Piyo. I have done Piyo a couple of times and have the strength slides. I am looking for a hybrid. Will you be putting one out? They are all over the Internet, but I have not found one that appears to have the intensity I am looking for. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Comments I have been doing a hybrid of Turbo and CE for awhile now and I am looking for something new. You might want to complete one program first before doing a hybrid.

Any recommendations? Ps- keep doing what you do. You rock!!!! Trackbacks […] Turbo Fire […]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


ChaLean Extreme & TurboFire Hybrid

Like all hybrids, this one should be modified to suit YOUR needs. Mix up your routine to break plateaus. Be within your calorie range for optimal energy, fat burning and muscle building! ChaLean Extreme and TurboFire make a really great hybrid together because one focuses on muscle building and the other is mostly cardio. The two together will give you a nicely balanced workout routine. This will allow you to check off your workouts and then you can wipe it off and use it again if you choose to.


ChaLEAN Extreme TurboFire Hybrid Schedule by Jenelle

ChaLEAN Extreme and the CLX Upgrade is a strength training program that forever changed my life back in and helped me shed over 30 pounds and got me ready for my wedding. I learned that lifting heavy is the way to go to see fast results and makeover your metabolism. Turbo Fire is how I lost 41 pounds after having my son. Both of these are free with your Beachbody On Demand streaming service — I recommend getting this as it saves you some dollars! The two of these combined create a great workout that you can repeat over and over. All included with BOD. If you would like to give this schedule a go you can buy the programs here and let me know!

HP 5120 24G PDF

Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme hybrid workout schedule


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