Regula Schiegg Marketing Manager regula. Sabine Glaser Customer Service info andymannhart. Beat Truttmann Logistics Manager info andymannhart. Resident Representative Korea Trust Co. Mr Wan C.

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Regula Schiegg Marketing Manager regula. Sabine Glaser Customer Service info andymannhart. Beat Truttmann Logistics Manager info andymannhart.

Resident Representative Korea Trust Co. Mr Wan C. Im , Seon-il Bldg. Mr Dikran Y. Ms Tan N. Resident Representative Maldives M. Pvt Ltd. Resident Representative P. Mr Tomasz Ratajczak ul. Mr Ralf Schmidt-Stosberg Av. Resident Representative Sri Lanka M. Mr Bary Jaleel No. Resident Representative Thailand E. Bangkok Co. Mrs Karakoj Tan 53 Mu 4, T. Bangkaew, A. BPA stands for Bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics ad resins since s.

Andy Mannhart's latest innovations. Like Lego, for example. Children are already able to create an unlimited number of creative worlds from Lego bricks.

They do not have to be particularly gifted or skilled to do this. The standardised bricks can always be stacked precisely. For nothing is accidental with a Baukasten. The creative power of a Baukasten is still underestimated. This makes them the real driving force of progress, diversity and creativity. He is no stranger when it comes to dealing with food professionally.

In his early career he continued the family tradition as a Pastry Chef in Michelin Stars awarded kitchens. Simone Heckmann who comes from Architecture to cooking, brings in her well founded training and her experience as an Architect and Designer. Product Design, Engineering and Room Planning are her core competences. People who apply standards outstrip all those who do not do so and will have more success.

For fixed standards, it means that their success can be reproduced and can be applied by everyone. The timeless product design: Form follows function, Form follows emotion. The high brand awareness. MEC2 won numerous design awards for its contemporary design language. The brand reputation. Genuine product range, characterized by what we call the distinctive livecookintable DNA. Highest value for money! All devices and table segments are Gastronormsized. Only one system for back-of-house and front-of-house.

Maximum storage space for mise-en-place under the tables. Plenty of space for hot and cold cars and shelves. Intuitive user interface, no installation service needed, no tools required.

A contract furniture with cooking function, not just a buffet or a cooking station. We are technical buffet furniture designers with its own device engineering. Specially designed equipment, designed exclusively for livecookintable and extremely flat built. Free positioning in the system without restrictions, always oriented to the daily needs. Smallest possible packaging, unique storage and transport logistics through bags and wheeled cases. Easy change of all decors for all surfaces, can be updated at any time at very reasonable prices.

Most efficient, autonomous air cleaning in the market. In-house filter change not requiring professional service. Application examples: 01 Porcelain shelf 02 Coffee and Tea station 03 Bread and Butter station 04 Condiment, herbs display 05 Cooling display. Art Buffet Guard for 2 table segments. Freely positionable, maintaining full functionality. CDF side panels, laminated with mounted clip-in frame with a deco high-performance material Designs.

Changes can be done on the fly, no knowledge necessary. F sharkgrey Outdoor: High-quality upholstery material with a classic cowhide grain. The material is especially used in sophisticated outdoor and contract applications. It is particularly well-suited for boats and yachts.

Palette spans 11 trendy colours. Outdoor: It reduces the heat build-up of the surface when exposed to direct sunlight. The nano coating makes the material extremely weather, UV, and dirt resistant. Palette spans 12 trendy colours. F black Indoor: high-quality upholstery material with a textile look.

The material is notable due to its compliance with the rigorous B1-flame resistance standard. F gold Indoor: high-quality upholstery material with a delicate textile structure. The material looks elegant and classy in trendy metallic shades.

It meets the rigorous B1-flame resistance standard. Palette spans 16 trendy colours. Technical properties: Dessins available with different properties, eg. F pearl Indoor: Pearl fascinates with its unique manta ray look. Its special allure results from its interesting colour contrast and a fine play of matt and shiny areas due to grain valleys and lacquered peaks.

Palette spans 13 trendy colours. Indoor: High-quality first generation nature base material. It has a surface that feels very pleasant with a characteristic leather grain.

As is the case with its natural prototype, the depth of the grain valleys varies, underscoring the natural impression.

Palette spans 17 trendy colours. F ivory Indoor: a high-quality upholstery material with an attractive seam look, which gives the impression of being handmade. It has crisscrossing virtual quilted seams that form classical rhombi, which give the material a special elegance and sophistication.

The feel is particularly pleasant. Palette spans 8 trendy colours. Tabletop in HPL. Individual decor upon request. Front- and backside the same. Outdoor and Indoor. Minimum acceptance. Technical properties: resistant to steam, light, heat, scratch, abrasion, impact, staining.

Proven effectiveness Tests by Fraunhofer Institut The plasma filter cleans the air sustainably. No ozone emission. The reference gas for odor removal is reliably eliminated. The operation of the Airwall significantly reduced the microbial load in the air. Zieher Tablet Modul and GN table top. Zieher catalog pages , www. Perfect logistics require a well-founded system. Functionality and material perfectly matched. Mise-en-place in GN, food transport in suitable carts, storage under the livecookintable, GN-compatible devices and table segments.



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